AmisaDB is a hybrid in-memory/on disk distributed multi-model ACID compliant database that supports SQL for queries and stores highly compressed JSON objects.

AmisaDB is architected for consistent high performance and low-latency, continuous availability, fault-tolerance, easy scalability and easy administration.
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AmisaDB is FREE to all who sign up and join the Developer Community.

For $500/server per month, AmisaDB Enterprise adds Sharding (Consistent Hashing Partitioning), Replication and Support.

Frequently Asked Questions
Q. How is AmisaDB different from other new database technologies? A. AmisaDB has been carefully architected to unify the best of search engine, NoSQL and NewSQL database technologies to provide a comprehensive solution which can stand alone without having to integrate several database technologies. We believe the best information retrieval is through massive parrallelism and in-memory indexes while the actual data is stored on flash or Disk. As such AmisaDB processes all SQL queries using a scalable in-memory inverted index (Posting list is encoded as a sparse bit map for memory efficiency and speed) without scanning any rows/documents to answer any query. If you seek the best performance for ad hoc queries, aggregations or your application is under intensive writes, AmisaDB is the best tool for the job. Q. Can I use AmisaDB in production? A. Yes Q. How do I get support for AmisaDB? A. Free, community-based support from the developer community. Beyond that contact us for enterprise-level support from the team that built AmisaDB. Q. Can I distribute copies of AmisaDB? A. Users should be directed to download their own copy of AmisaDB. You shall not distribute AmisaDB binary. Q. Can I build an application using AmisaDB and sell that application? A. You can, but you can't distribute the AmisaDB binary as part of that application. Database-as-a-service providers and OEM's should contact us for pricing. Q. Can I publish my work done with AmisaDB? A. We encourage you to share your work publicly, including performance or capacity statistics or the results of any benchmark test performed on AmisaDB. For full details, see the license agreement. Have more questions, contact us

AmisaDB 1.0 is now available
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