The Fastest Search Engine

AmisaDB is the world's only distributed search engine which uniquely combines in-memory columnstore with inverted index for blazing fast SQL queries. The fastest search engine is so simple anyone can use it.
UNLIMITED Scalability — Free FOREVER.
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Key features and benefits

High performance
AmisaDB supports MVCC and row/document level locking. Index on any column using a sorted, text and hash index. AmisaDB also supports intersecting and unioning multiple indexes without scanning rows. No performance tuning to achieve performance required.
App development flexibility
Leverage in-memory indexes with rows, documents and blobs on disk for memory constrained deployments. JSON documents are fully supported. Developers have the power to choose either JSON documents and/or SQL tables for their applications.

Elastic scalability
Server side peer to peer automatic data partitioning and rebalancing across nodes using consistent hashing. Start small and scale out or up as your data and traffic grows. No more premature capacity planning.
Built-in ETL
Load data from SQL Server, MySQL, PostgreSQL, Elastic Search, Solr, CouchDB, MongoDB, ODBC, JSON, XML, CSV and Excel files into AmisaDB using a simple SQL Select statement.
Querying and data model
Applications perform read/write operations on the tables/indexes using dynamic SQL or stored procedures. Applications store data in tables or document collections and can even join data in collections to tables.
Real-time search and analytics
Extensive SQL interface to unify structured and unstructured data allowing for powerful yet flexible searches using familiar operators and search predicate syntax. Search is more than just text search. Queries such as multi column sorting, complex aggregations with derived tables, math expressions are fully supported.
High availability
Asynchronous master-slave replication support for high availability, load balancing and fault tolerance. Add more replicas to boost read throughput. No downtime or data loss for any reason - hardware failures, planned maintenance etc. AmisaDB also supports Hot backups on live servers.
First class Multi tenancy
AmisaDB instances support creating multiple databases and migrating of live databases to new host machines in the cloud without any downtime.

AmisaDB Works for Demanjo

"AmisaDB helped simplify our datalayer by eliminating our previous architecture which involved a cache layer, search engine layer and relational database. Today we are not writing integration code as AmisaDB provides us with in-memory indexing, full text search, analytics and storage in one platform." CTO and founder of Demanjo News