AmisaDB - The Fastest Search and Analytics Database
Low latency and high throughput performance even at large scale for indexing and searching structured, semi-structured and unstructured data in any language.
SQL and JSON API for search, analytics, key/value, and events.

AmisaDB is a distributed in-memory search engine written in c/c++ for indexing structured, semi-structured and any unstructured data in any language in real-time. AmisaDB is ACID and stores the input data and can be used as a standalone NoSQL DB with advanced search.

AmisaDB complements RDBMS and NoSQL databases with advanced indexing and search capabilities and a powerful SQL-based interface. When you copy data from MongoDB or Hadoop or Postgresql, for example, into AmisaDB, you can perform complex data analysis with ad hoc queries and advanced full text search on that data.

The only requirement to use AmisaDB is knowledge of JSON and SQL. We backup your data daily, replicate to multiple regions for high availability and automatically spread your data across nodes and shards transparently behind the scenes.

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"AmisaDB helped simplify our datalayer by eliminating our previous architecture which involved a cache layer, search engine layer and relational database. Today we are not writing integration code as AmisaDB provides us with in-memory indexing, full text search, analytics and storage in one platform." CTO and founder of Demanjo
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